Dyno & Tuning Pricing

DYNO RATES (No ESP tuning services provided)

--DYNO ONLY-- Horsepower Pulls Self Tune Before/After Pulls**
2 Wheel Drive $150/ 3 pulls $150/ Hour  $450/ Half day $650/ Full day $229
All-Wheel Drive $150/ 3 pulls Same Same

  • *Includes (3) consecutive dyno pulls and computer print-out showing horsepower and torque vs. engine RPM. Also includes boost and air-fuel ratio printouts.
  • **Special Pricing when modifications are installed by ESP

Shop rates and special and club rates are available. Ask about renting the dyno for 1/2 day or a full day of self-tuning.  Are you a tuner? If so, contact us for special rates and incentives.


--VEHICLE-- Hardware/Software Tuner Tuning Cost
Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep Diablosport Johan/ESP $750 n/a bolt on car + Diablo programmer*
Ford Tuning n/a Lund Racing n/a
GM Tuning LS, LT 2014+ HP Tuners Vengeance or Pat Guerra $850, additional cost for FI, NOS, swaps*
Subaru Tuning OpenECU/Cobb Accesport TuningAlliance $575/$575 + Accessport
Mitsubishi Tuning OpenECU/Cobb Accessport TuningAlliance $575/$575 + Accessport
VW/Audi Tuning United Motorsports United Motorsports See UM pricelist for tune

  • *Superchargers, camshafts, larger injectors, etc will all add tuning time and cost.  Typically add $100 to $200 total to base tuning cost.

Stand Alone ECU Tuning SET-UP FROM SCRATCH Tuning (basemap installed)
Full setup of system, including dyno tuning, street tuning, startup maps, etc. $800 to $1200 (typical cost) $600 to $1000 (typical cost)


Carburetor Tuning Street Tuning Street Tuning w/ Dyno Pulls
Set timing curve, adjust idle circuit, jetting, pump shot, etc. $650 to $750 (typical cost) $750 to $850 (typical cost)