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Enhanced Street Performance, Inc. offers extremely competitive pricing on the hottest brands available for trucks and SUV's, both gasoline and diesel. Thousands of manufacturers including Banks, BD Diesel, Belltech, Bully Dog, Gibson, Hellwig, Hughes Performance, Powertrax, Pro Comp, Rancho, Rough Country, Skyjacker, Westin, Waag, and Whipple are available at excellent prices. While our on-line store showcases the most popular items on the market today, we could not possibly list the entire line of aftermarket parts available from our vast list of suppliers. Please contact our sales department for pricing and available on those items not listed on the web store.


  • Enhanced Street Performance, Inc. offers general repair and maintenance including brakes, shocks/springs, engine tune-ups, and more. ESP specializes in full factory maintenance and offers full diagnostic services for all drivability issues.
  • Diesel and gasoline engine dyno tuning. ESP has the state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to extract the full horsepower potential out of your vehicle. ESP offers custom computer programming by HP Tuners, Hypertech, Superchips, and more for maximum performance gains. Please see our dyno tuning section for more information.
  • Aftermarket electronic installations including piggy-back computers, electronic boost controllers, electronic instrumentation and gauges, and more.
  • ESP offers full installation services for all of bolt-on performance upgrades including intakes, aftermarket mass airflow sensors, throttle bodies, fuel system upgrades (pumps, injectors, regulators), upgraded turbochargers, and more.
  • Suspension upgrades including lift kits (both suspension and body lifts), lowering kits, steering stabilizers and more.
  • Differential and drive train services including clutch/flywheel installs, gear swaps, and limited-slip differential (LSD) upgrades.
  • Custom exhaust work including mandrel bent piping and stainless steel. Large diameter, aftermarket systems installed.
  • Power Adders are our specialty! Supercharger/Turbocharger installs from companies such as Edelbrock, Procharger, TRD, Vortech, Whipple and more. ESP offers installation of forced induction accessories including intercoolers, propane injection, water/alcohol injection, and more. Nitrous Oxide and all related accessories installed and tuned.



  • Turbo diesel owners... Substantial power increases for late-model diesels can often be found at the flick of a switch. Aftermarket fuel computers are one of the best bang-for-the-buck mods available today. Diesel owners can switch between stock, towing, and high-power settings on the fly. And how will this increase in horsepower and torque effect fuel economy? How about getting another 2-3 miles per gallon! Don't forget to add the improved air intake and exhaust for maximum performance gains. For those looking for serious power, upgraded turbochargers and propane injection will turn an everyday work-horse into a Clydesdale.